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State Bank of Chandler

Credit Cards

At the State Bank of Chandler we offer a VISA classic credit card. VISA classic credit cards issued by State Bank of Chandler utilize “chip technology” with the placement of a micro-chip within the card. These cards can also be used with the use of the conventional magnetic strip reader. The use of chip technology enable a more secure experience for both the customer and the bank. For questions regarding the use of chip technology with your VISA credit card, please contact us at 507-677-2201.

Ways to protect yourself against credit card fraud

Lost or stolen card?
If your Debit card is lost or stolen it's important to act quickly! If you discover your card is missing during regular bank hours, call us at 507-677-2201 immediately and report the loss or theft. If we are not open, please call the FIS™ customer service at 1-800-236-2442 for Domestic or 414-291-8411 for International

To view your credit card statement, please go to www.MyCardStatement.com