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State Bank of Chandler

ID TheftSmart™

ID TheftSmart

Identity theft is an ever-evolving target. Be one step ahead of perpetrators with a versatile solution that covers your identity from all angles. ID TheftSmart coverage is focused on three main areas:

Unlike most other ID theft vendors, ID TheftSmart simply does more. The highly trained investigators do the bulk of the work for you. Not just counseling alongside you; acting as an advocate on your behalf. Your identity should be yours alone. Keep it that way by signing up today.

Discover more about ID TheftSmart and all the ways it can serve to protect you. View the following brochures to learn more

The Smart Choice For Safeguarding Your Identity PDF 34k

Credit Monitoring PDF 103K

Contact us today at 507-677-2201 for more information and sign-up information

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